Spring, that wonderful fresh time of the year



It’s the time of year when we leap from our winter doldrums to find a multitude of cleaning and repair tasks around the home.

Most of us get into spring cleaning with great vigour, something experts put down to the effect a positive change in weather has on our mood.

So lets look at a few things we can jump into to make this change of year a bit upbeat after all Covid lock downs..

Smoke Detectors

It’s a biggie – legally and for your family’s personal safety. The batteries need to be changed  to a fresh one every year. It’s a great time to set a reminded to do it again next year, so it’s always changed on the same date, or to sign up with a company that will reliably do this for you.

Inspect the home exterior and roof

Look for damage. Sticks and leaves could be sitting on the roof . Gutters may be loose or blocked. Remove any debris for good water flow and to lessen the chance of rain water damaging the inside of the home.  We can arrange a tradesperson to do this job for you….just give us a call

Also, on the routine inspection reports you get from us, see if the property manager has marked  foundations for cracks, and window frames and screens for wear and tear, or any other general repair work that needs to be done.


Chances are the garden is bursting forth already!  Ensure that the loose leaves are raked up  and prune dead wood off trees, but nothing too harsh because this is when most are fruiting and flowers budding.

Build a vegetable garden

It is the time to dig over the garden, fertilize and start those wonderful summer vegetables growing.A good choice is lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber , rocket and capsicum.  It is a good idea to also put some straw down to help keep the soil moist and to stop the seedlings drying out.  A hand hint with Tomatoes is to add a Basil plant in between the tomatoes it helps to keep the pests away.

homemade vegetables in the hands of men. harvest. selective focus. summer.

The air-con and pool

By summer, it’s tough to have the air-conditioning checked. Air-con companies are busy and hot days wait for no repairman. If you think that the  air-conditioning isn’t up to speed, get that guy in now!

And as for the pool, get in quickly before those early. Ensure the filters are clean, check the pH levels and add chlorine to keep bacteria at bay.

So it is time to check that everything is Ok for summer.

As your property managers we are here to help with any of these jobs and to advise you what is best to be done..


And last but not least


Have some fun and give the house a go from top to bottom!