Presenting the outside of your home for sale

Looking at Properties for sale in Forster

Your house is possibly one of your biggest assets, and when it comes time to prepare your property for sale, it is the outside of your home that attracts a buyers interest first.

It is also important to remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to present your home in its best light.

When looking for a property to purchase, buyers search media and drive round suburbs they find appealing and you can be sure that the old saying  “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is really very true.

The external Presentation of your home is of vital importance.


Stand in front of your home and imagine for a moment that you are a potential buyer turning up for an inspection of the property.

Make sure lawns and gardens are neat and tidy, neatly trimmed edges are a big plus and you can always add a splash of colour with some inexpensive flowers.

Clear your mailbox daily and remove any flyers that are sometimes left half in or perhaps fall out and look very unsightly.

If you have fences or gates that need repair it is best to tend to them now.

Clean the gutters of any leaves or debris.

Make sure you give your windows the once over.

Clean driveways and footpaths and try if possible to keep garbage bins out of sight.

Lubricate any squeaky hinges and fix any loose door handles or knobs on your doors.

Remove any spider webs from your eaves or under verandas.

Make sure there is a door mat in place as this also indicates that you are conscious of keeping your home clean inside.

These items kept in check will greatly help in setting the mood when buyers first arrive, and will have them looking forward to seeing inside your home.

These may seem like simple things but if overlooked or treated as unimportant, they can greatly influence the decision of the buyer to inspect or not inspect.

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