Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen remodels that create dramatic effect

Kitchen modern

Spending $45,000 to only get back $33,000 does not seem to make too much sense.  Unless you look further into the equation. A home with an outdated kitchen will either not sell or will sell for far less.  Many real estate agents say that a fabulous kitchen will raise the price  of a home at least $25,000 or more.  Once that is added to the equation the numbers seem to show that a kitchen remodel can truly be in your favour, that is as long as your home warrants the update.


If you decide to remodel your kitchen, where should you start?  There are 5 kitchen remodels that can create a dramatic effect.

  1. Install new cabinets.  What do you see when you first walk into a kitchen? The cabinets.  They take up a large percentage of the visual space in the room and therefore they need to look good.  They are also the most expensive part of any kitchen remodeling job.
  2. Install new benchtops.  Next to cabinets, benchtops are the next eye catching feature of a kitchen
  3. Install new appliances- stove, oven,microwave dishwasher, sink,garbage disposal,refrigerator.  This is imperative if the colour and style of the appliance date the kitchen.  Appliances more than 10 years old often need to be replaced.
  4. Install new flooring.  There are many different types of flooring available from wood, to laminate or ceramic.  Make sure the flooring matches the style of the home.
  5. Install new lighting.  At the least, you should have a light in the centre of the kitchen and lights under the counters.  Larger kitchen need lighting that allows you to make the most of the different workspaces.
  6. Modern kitchen

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